July 25, 2012

Meet Your Head Counsellors

Well hello there!

This is Keanu and Rhombus, your head counsellors for the summer! It’s hard to believe that we are almost halfway through the summer! Both Rhombus and I have been on staff for a quite a few years now and every season seems to get better and better, but also seems to fly by faster and faster. Today we said goodbye to our July leadership campers who we will miss dearly, though we are excited for the next batch of leadership campers who will be arriving on Sunday.


July 14, 2012

Report from the Kitchen

By "Glow," Kitchen Manager
The kitchen staff at Camp Kawartha has been working hard throughout the year, anticipating the arrival of summer camp. Our head cook, Dawn Mckenzie, has put together a talented and friendly team of staff to cook delicious meals for campers. Favourites so far have included buffalo chicken wraps, pierogies and macaroni and cheese!
This summer, the kitchen is helping to foster environmental awareness by adding locally grown produce and locally raised, free range meat to the menu. We regularly purchase produce from the Peterborough Farmer’s Market and use it to make salads, side dishes and fruit trays. Lettuce and tomatoes come from our own garden! Our beef is also supplied by a local farmer and is used to make delicious hamburgers, pasta bakes and much more.
We offer dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan alternative versions of every meal. If you have any questions regarding our menu, please feel free to contact the main office at 705-652-3860 or Dawn Mckenzie at dawn@campkawartha.ca.

Here's a sneak peek at next week's menu!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Breakfast Scrambled Eggs
Bacon, Hashbrowns
fruit, Oatmeal 
Banana Pancakes,
Sausage, fruit tray 
Fruit, Oatmeal
French Toast, 
BaconFruit, Oatmeal
Lunch Turkey Pesto Wraps
with veggie trays
Sausage on a bun,
Potato Salad, Green
Mini Pizza,
Caesar salad 
Pierogies with Sausage,
caramelized onions,
apples, cabbage and caraway
Dinner Chicken Fajitas with 
sautéed peppers, rice, 
sour cream, and salsa
Beef Stroganoff with 
Broccoli and baby carrots 
Pulled Pork 
Baked Potatoes 
Beefy Pasta Bake

Check out the kitchen staff's profiles, too!

July 13, 2012

From Where We Hail

In addition to staff from Australia and Kenya, our campers and staff come from all around Ontario and all across the world!

View map in a full screen map

Session B Programs

We are nearing the half-way point of session B and the camp is buzzing with energy! We have been filling these hot summer days with both new as well as old classic programs. The campers have been having an amazing session but have only just gotten a small taste of what is in store.
This session began in classic camp fashion with all cabins coming together as a community around the campfire to perform various skits, talents, skills and join in on both new and old camp songs. 
The following night we ran a recently created program called Joe Schmoes. During this game each cabin plays as a team; their primary objective is to build and expand their resume by completing tasks and facing challenges. Groups travel around camp looking for interviews at job sites, examples include working as: EMS, babysitting, telemarketing, door to door sales, swimming lessons, personal training and working at the burger shack. Once they complete an interview and are hired, they must work to receive letters of recommendation and a salary. At first glance it may be difficult to see what this program has to offer, however once the counsellors get into character it is clear to see why campers enjoy the game so much.
This evening’s program, Newscasters has become a favorite among campers for its high energy and nonstop action. During this program, each cabin travels together and works as a news team gathering interviews and reporting on various events that are staged throughout the game such as earthquakes, injuries, royal processions, sports, protests, and live performances.
In addition to these evening programs, we are also hosting nearby Camp Moshava on Thursday, July 19 for an inter-camp. During this day we will be competing in activities such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, handball and canoe races. This is the second year we have hosted Moshava. Last year was an absolute blast and we know that this year will be no different.
Also be sure to ask your children about such programs as: Risk, Campstock, Bamboozled, Walt’s Vault and Stork!

Our next post is coming soon... stay tuned for an update from the Kitchen Manager.

July 10, 2012

Our Sailing Program

The Willie returning from her first voyage with campers aboard.

Sailing is one of the most popular activities at Camp Kawartha; it is consistently among the most requested by two-week campers and a highlight in day campers' weeks. Two-week campers can include sailing in their Activity Choice Form, and campers in most sessions will be given the opportunity to sail during afternoon Interest Choices.

This year Camp Kawartha was the recipient of a generous gift: two beautiful hand crafted sailboats. The Willie, the smaller of the two, utilizes a gaff sail, something new to the sailing program. This addition provides an excellent opportunity to develop our waterfront programming, and offer better instructing capabilities for campers.

The Willie departing camp
Pictured above are two older campers and our Waterfront Activity Director, Twist out for a sail during a free period one leisurely afternoon where they put the new boat through its paces.

In addition to the two new boats, Camp Kawartha has four smaller boats, two Spera and two Invitation boats. These form the foundation of the program in which staff and campers learn the fundamentals of sailing.

During your time here at Camp Kawartha, our sailing staff would be happy to take the time to get you out in a boat, teach you the basics, or bring your skills up to spec! Twist has been working on the Camp Kawartha waterfront for five years, including time as a Tripper and Sails Specialist. Poe is a CYA Bronze 5 sailor and a Camp Kawartha lifer. This year's Sailing staff also includes Counsellors Baytes and Zuko!

Waterfront Activity Director "Twist"
Sails Specialist "Poe"

"Baytes" and "Zuko"