July 25, 2012

Meet Your Head Counsellors

Well hello there!

This is Keanu and Rhombus, your head counsellors for the summer! It’s hard to believe that we are almost halfway through the summer! Both Rhombus and I have been on staff for a quite a few years now and every season seems to get better and better, but also seems to fly by faster and faster. Today we said goodbye to our July leadership campers who we will miss dearly, though we are excited for the next batch of leadership campers who will be arriving on Sunday.


You may be asking yourself: “Head Counsellors? What exactly do they do around camp?” Or maybe you’re not asking yourself that. In any case, I will try to provide you with an explanation that will both satisfy your curiosity and dispel some of the myths surrounding head counsellors.

First of all, we are not actually counsellors that look like giant heads. I know, that was a bad joke but I can’t imagine there being any other myths about our position. We are part of the programming team along with Eureka which helps facilitate and create awesome new programs for every aspect of camp. From theme days and interest choices to evening programs and after dinner supervision, we have our fingers in everything. We try to get as involved as possible in as many of these programs as we can.

A few new additions we’ve brought to our vast array of programs this summer include things like "hill pass  monitors" (who ensure that campers and staff aren't going to their cabins without a hill pass after dinner), cat themed lunches and the much coveted cabin cup. We’ve got lots more ideas coming your way this summer including the return of last year’s medieval themed zing tong.

The other aspect of our job is assisting counsellors with any camper issues they might be dealing with, keeping up to date with all the campers’ achievements and goals for the session and ensuring that everyone is following the three R’s (respecting yourself, respecting others and respecting the environment). We also take out cabins on the occasional trip and night hike.

I hope that now when you hear someone else ask, “Head Counsellors? What exactly do they do around camp?” You’ll be able to enlighten them a bit. Or, you can smile knowing that such things won’t trouble your conscious anymore.