July 13, 2012

Session B Programs

We are nearing the half-way point of session B and the camp is buzzing with energy! We have been filling these hot summer days with both new as well as old classic programs. The campers have been having an amazing session but have only just gotten a small taste of what is in store.
This session began in classic camp fashion with all cabins coming together as a community around the campfire to perform various skits, talents, skills and join in on both new and old camp songs. 
The following night we ran a recently created program called Joe Schmoes. During this game each cabin plays as a team; their primary objective is to build and expand their resume by completing tasks and facing challenges. Groups travel around camp looking for interviews at job sites, examples include working as: EMS, babysitting, telemarketing, door to door sales, swimming lessons, personal training and working at the burger shack. Once they complete an interview and are hired, they must work to receive letters of recommendation and a salary. At first glance it may be difficult to see what this program has to offer, however once the counsellors get into character it is clear to see why campers enjoy the game so much.
This evening’s program, Newscasters has become a favorite among campers for its high energy and nonstop action. During this program, each cabin travels together and works as a news team gathering interviews and reporting on various events that are staged throughout the game such as earthquakes, injuries, royal processions, sports, protests, and live performances.
In addition to these evening programs, we are also hosting nearby Camp Moshava on Thursday, July 19 for an inter-camp. During this day we will be competing in activities such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, handball and canoe races. This is the second year we have hosted Moshava. Last year was an absolute blast and we know that this year will be no different.
Also be sure to ask your children about such programs as: Risk, Campstock, Bamboozled, Walt’s Vault and Stork!

Our next post is coming soon... stay tuned for an update from the Kitchen Manager.