October 31, 2012

Summer Camp Registration 2013

Message from our Summer Camp Director,

“Who want to be staff at Camp Kawartha?” I ask to a group of 50 leadership and pre-leadership campers in our Rotary Hall during one changeover. All of them raised their hands.

It’s a camp phenomenon – campers realizing they want to one day become camp staff. There are many stories of parents telling me about their child’s camp aspirations, and campers of all ages saying they want to be staff one day. 

Seeing a goal so clearly defined is a great instrument for learning and growth that I don’t see nearly as often as a teacher in the classroom (my other life). Having a life goal is one of the many contributions of camp that allow children to aim high and expect more of themselves. It breeds self-motivation, and is great practice for future goals and challenges that we all face in our lives.