October 31, 2013

Summer Camp Registration 2014

Message from our Summer Camp Director,

2013 will be remembered as a special summer for me in many ways. It was the first summer that my son was able to participate as a camper, the weather was wonderful – pleasant and comfortable, and we grew as a staff. After 9 years as summer camp director, I am amazed that our spirit as a camp and the mission to our families is bigger than any one person. The successes of the past are incorporated into the next summer while the lessons and feedback from parents are scrutinized and new initiatives put in place to deliver even higher quality to our campers and parents for the upcoming summer.

The best people I've ever worked with are our staff. Most grew up at Camp Kawartha; first as campers, then as staff and then when their talents have demanded them elsewhere, they've moved on, but always with a "foot," in the door with a summer visit and inspirational words to the current staff. These are the people who are nurturing your children and helping them grow into confident individuals and team players.