November 1, 2013

To Zingtong or Not To Zingtong

By Adam Strasberg, Summer Camp Director

For anyone who has ever been to Camp Kawartha, you will know that the game of Zingtong is one of Camp Kawartha’s most cherished Evening Programs. It involves the storyline of a royal family. A majestic scene is presented to the campers during dinner where the king dotes on his precious daughter, Princess Perfection. All of a sudden the palace is overrun by zingettes who carry away the king’s golden rocks and the princess to his great dismay. Two princes then approach the king in the aftermath. One is a red prince called “Are You Willing,” and the other a blue prince called, “Gee, I love you.” They pledge to the king that they will work to collect his gold and bring the princess back. Each prince recruits half the campers to their team to help with the mission.

That evening, campers are given either a dash of red or blue paint on their face and run around looking for the golden rocks while avoiding being tagged and “frozen,” by the zingettes. There are several safety zones where campers cannot be chased and include the hills going from upper to lower camp. In these areas, staff are designated as safeties to ensure campers are not running. The rules are pretty simple – a zingette can tag a single camper, but not 2 campers who are linked. As long as the number of campers is greater than the number of zingettes chasing them, they cannot be tagged. The only exception being the leader of the zingettes, King Zing, who can tag at will. To be freed, a camper that is frozen calls out to their designated prince by saying their names (“Gee, I love you.” or “Are you willing.”). The princes travel around the camp freeing the campers.

The team that collects the most rocks wins, but the real conclusion of the program is the final, carefully choreographed, contest at the end of the program where the zingettes and the royals square off on the swim dock. The campers watch from the shore.