July 11, 2014

Session B

Campfire at the Campitheatre!
Session B is off to a roaring start, with campers and staff diving into our first two week session of the summer. The rain we've had at camp over the past few days has not slowed us down.  Every morning, campers head to their scheduled classes, which may include sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, drama, archery or arts and crafts. Campers who participate in the Eco Skills class have the opportunity to explore "The Range", our 185-acre natural space across the road from the main site.  Eco Skills classes often visit the wetlands on The Range to observe and learn more about the natural wildlife, or spend the class in the Tepee to practice traditional fire making skills.

The kitchen staff have been working very hard to offer campers and staff tasty and healthy food.  Highlights from early on in the session include pizza subs, baked pasta, and falafel. The kitchen also offers snacks in between classes, which range from sliced fruit to baked goods such as homemade granola bars.

On Sunday night, the entire camp gathered for a traditional campfire at the newly upgraded "Campitheatre" to perform skits and songs. Maple Jack, a band made up of CK's very own Keanu and Squeeze, performed their new song "Babies", followed by "Soy Nut Butter", a longstanding camp favourite. The camp dance was held Monday night. In keeping with the evening's "dancing through the decades" theme, campers grooved to disco beats, jazzy tunes and 90s pop. Other programs this session have included a casino night, a camp-wide game of "Settlers of Catan" and "Bamboozled", a large game of stones with a few zany twists.

We can't wait to see what the rest of Session B brings!

The sun is back at CK!