July 20, 2014

Wrapping Up Session B

The Pokemon face off 
Our first two week session of the summer has been a huge success! Over the course of the session, campers have honed their skills in archery, canoeing, kayaking, sailing and many more activities. Each cabin has also had the opportunity to go on either a one or two night canoe trip in the Kawartha Highlands, learning how to set up a campsite, paddle a canoe and even portage.

Helping the Queen of Hearts make new friends
Some of the biggest highlights from Session B were the creative evening programs run every day after dinner.  From the classic "Zing Tong", to new camper favourites such as Pokemon and CK Golf and Country Club, evening programs this session were jam packed with energy, creativity and fun.

During this session, campers also participated in Camp Kawartha's first ever musical, a production of The Lion King! Working with the Drama Specialist, Peatri, and several other staff, campers practiced regularly throughout the two weeks in preparation for their performance on the last day of camp.

Session B's winner of the Golden Broom for the tidiest cabin was Algonquin with Dyson and Pablo, and the Silver Broom was won by Siniwick with Vego and Totem.  The Cabin Cup was awarded to Oak, with Hype, Lohan and Rush.  Oak had a record high of 4000 cabin points!

We will miss all the campers going home today after two amazing weeks, and we hope to see all of you next summer!