August 19, 2014

Camp Kawartha Joins FrogWatch Ontario

Hey there, it’s Khaleesi! As Camp Kawartha’s Environmental Coordinator, I try to get our campers excited about the environment and its wonders. With the help of Ren and Swiper, I ran an interest choice on Tuesday to participate in FrogWatch Ontario. This project is possible through collaboration between Toronto Zoo’s Adopt-A-Pond Wetland conservation Programme, Environment Canada’s NatureWatch program, and the Ontario Government’s Natural Heritage Information Centre.

The purpose of FrogWatch Ontario is to figure out which species of frogs and toads are thriving in Ontario’s wetlands. With amphibian populations declining due to habitat loss and climate change, it is important that we all watch out for these special creatures.

For our interest choice, we took a group of eager campers out to the largest wetland on the Range. Decked out in rubber boots, the young explorers enjoyed the 25 minute long hike to the boardwalks. During our hike, we spotted four American toads, and could hear their chorus as we walked along.

The FrogWatch was very successful: we spotted eight leopard frogs, a green frog, and heard a gray tree frog hiding amongst the reeds. The campers loved the wonders of the wetland, and did an excellent job finding our amphibious friends.

With the recorded observations from our adventure, I will be submitting our sightings to FrogWatch Ontario, helping scientists and conservationists get a better idea of what frog species are thriving in the Kawarthas.

To learn more about how you can help frogs and get involved with FrogWatch in your community, visit: Frogs are crucial to maintain a healthy environment, and it’s up to us to ensure they stay protected!