August 14, 2014

Day Camp at the Wetlands

Beyond the blue trail and off the white, somewhere hidden in Camp Kawartha’s 182 acres of land lies the Medium Wetlands.  Inhabitants include the mysterious stick bug, sneaky leaches, water boatman, and the ever-changing tadpoles.  However, through the tall grass you can hear the distant giggles, the swiping of nets, and the trudging of boots from Camp Kawartha’s most curious species. They’re hard to catch but if you’re lucky, you’ll see the day camper in their natural habitat.  This wetland is one of three wetland sites located on “The Range”, a forest beyond the road dedicated to environmental programming.

Off with a mission to understand where, why, and how this eco system thrives and survives, the day camper’s head out once a week, net in hand.  Through direct interaction, the wetlands encourage an appreciation for the environment.  This experience plants the seed for a lifetime of environmental stewardship.  After all, before we want to protect something, we need to love it.

Day Campers explore The Range
“We don’t inherit this land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” – Native American Proverb