August 17, 2014

Ringwald's Garden World - Part 2

Hello everyone! Here’s a sample of what’s been happening around the garden today!

This is a Golden Zucchini. Zucchinis come in more colours then just green! All Zucchinis grow after a flower blooms on the plant, and so when harvested, they usually still have that flower on the end of them!
 Harvesting the first Golden Zucchini= Victory!

 Garden Nasturtium plants are useful and beautiful; adding lots of colour to a garden, with orange, yellow, speckled, pink and red flowers. They are delicious, you can eat the flowers and leaves. As well, the smell of Nasturtiums deters pests such as squash bugs, cucumber beetles and caterpillars from entering the garden. Nasturtiums flowers add a spicy flavour and a splash of colour and beauty to salads and entrees. Imagine the taste of radish and arugula combined- that’s the taste of a Nasturtium flower. The whole flower can be eaten and grows back soon after it is harvested. The leaves of the plant are also very delicious but come with a warning- they are VERY spicy.

Aurora of the WCSDs sampling a Nasturtium flower while holding a Golden Zucchini

Liam of the WCSDs harvesting Nasturtium flowers
Chioggia Beets

Spinach and Lettuces

Showing the WCSDs around the Range Garden, which has been planted mostly by campers

Turnips and beets at the Range Garden
We all sampled the ripe cherry tomatoes

 Bruiser approves!
Baby Chamomile plants

Peppers at the Range garden

Thanks for reading and tune in next time!