August 3, 2014

Session D

The Green Team celebrates their win
The first week of Session D at CK has flown by in a whirlwind of crazy evening programs, classes and warm, sunny days.

Session D marks the debut of the camp's new radio station, CK Radio.  Every morning before breakfast, at rest hour and bedtime, campers and staff tuned in for the morning news, a Maple Jack song, storytime or the sports report.  Popular programming this session has included Wham's classic tale, "Momma Sausage" and a four part series entitled "Memories of Maple Jack" with Keanu and Squeeze.

Leap frog during Stork
Another highlight of this session was "Stork", a camp-wide relay race. Campers were divided into four teams to compete in a race with over thirty different stations, on land and in the water.  The Green Team, led by Stanza and Wham, held a commanding lead throughout the race, but shared their win with the entire camp.

Yesterday we said goodbye to our D1 campers in Huron, Algonquin, Birch and Mississauga.  The four one-week cabins competed throughout the session for the Golden Broom, the award for the cleanest cabin, and the Cabin Cup, awarded to the cabin with the most Cabin Points. Mississauga emerged victorious with a perfect score in Cabin Clean Up, and also claimed the Cabin Cup.

We look forward to welcoming our D2 campers later today!