August 7, 2014

We're on the air!

Camp Kawartha is now the proud owner of a short range radio station! If you’re within a 1 km radius of the camp, tune in to 107.3, our new broadcasting frequency! The radio was purchased using some of the funds generously donated to the camp last year by an anonymous donor. This money has also been used to buy new canoes, kayaks and basketball nets.

Cabins can listen with their radios during pre-scheduled times to hear a wide variety of programs. Programs thus far have included: story time with our summer camp director, sports shows which recap basketball games played the day before, morning news, life chats, 100 ways to save the world and much more. This is a very exciting time for us as we brainstorm new and exciting ways to utilize this equipment! Lost and found, quiz shows, camper radio and evening programs which will require the radio are among some of the ideas for next session. Tune in this Sunday, August 10th on arrival day for our pre-camp show!

Pak and Wham DJ'ing during Rest Hour!