August 21, 2014

Wrapping up Session E/F/G

The last two week session of the summer has been nothing short of amazing.  The summer camp staff have risen to the occasion in spite of the rain and colder weather, providing creative and fun programming for all campers right up to the final day of the session.

Hufflepuff competing in the relay race
Pickle Stills
During the first week, session E and F campers participated in an all-day, Harry Potter themed program. Each camper was sorted into either Griffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw, and competed with their team throughout the morning and afternoon in various activities and races to win House Points.  That evening, Lord Voldemort kidnapped Dumbledore, and campers had to fight to retrieve him by playing a variation on the camp's classic evening program, "Zing Tong". Over the weekend, camp played host to three Pickle Princesses.  A Pickle Party was thrown in their honour, and included activities such as bobbing for pickles, drawing pickle stills, pickle poetry and pin the tail on the pickle.  The winners of the pickle poetry contest got to read their work on the evening radio show!

Pin the tail on the pickle
This week, campers and staff have been making the most of the nice weather by going swimming, kayaking or windsurfing during the General Boat and Swim period. Court of Dreams, the camp's basketball tournament, has also been running successfully.  Highlights and stats from the previous night's game are broadcast on the radio at rest hour.

Our Leaders in Training (LITs) have been shadowing cabins over the past two weeks, learning how to be a counselor and developing their leadership skills.  They've been helping out in classes, leading nightly check-ins and creating programs for the entire camp. On Tuesday, they ran a camp-wide game of BINGO with characters from Alice in Wonderland!

Though we will be sad to say goodbye to our Session E and G campers on Friday, our memories of camp will carry us through the year until we meet again next summer. We have all had such a wonderful session together, and on behalf of all the summer camp staff, we hope to see you next year!

The King and Queen of Hearts