July 14, 2015

Session B: Bouncing, Bumping & Beautiful!

Session B has had bouncy castles, beautiful weather and a bumping dance. This session has been jam-packed with activities and our staff and campers have definitely enjoyed the ride. Here’s a quick recap of some of the highlights:

All of our cabins have gotten the opportunity to go on a camping trip this session. The cabins under 10 years old camped on the Range, roasted marshmallows and got a taste of tripping! Campers over 10 years old went on a canoe trip in either the Kawartha or Haliburton Highlands. Tripping is always a highlight of the two-week sessions, and luckily the weather was wonderful for most of B!

Where do we start?! Dinosaurs roamed the camp on Thursday as campers learned facts and chased them down, Wednesday’s theme day was on the Range and involved learning survival skills and working as a team to build different sustainable camps, and of course there was SUNDAY FUNDAY! Sunday started off with a sleep-in, followed by Bunk Time, an opportunity for cabins to do any activity of their choosing that they haven’t tried or that they want to do again. Highlights were sailing, archery and high ropes. In the afternoon the camp turned hippie for Campstock; there was a live band, homemade flower crowns, face paint, a slip n slide and nachos cooked with a solar oven. It was a lovely afternoon followed by a crazy energetic outdoor dance. These programs are just a sample of the many transformations camp underwent this session.


Leadership Campers!

Session B is a huge session for our leadership campers. The LIT program began shadowing this week, each LIT was assigned to help out a cabin and learn from the counsellors. LITs bring great energy and enthusiasm into the cabins and they’ve done an amazing job so far!

The WLITs left for their 9 day camping trip this session. They’ve been checking in regularly with our trip director, and it sounds like quite the adventure. They shadowed in Session A and also did a terrific job.
The CSD program has been working hard this session on their Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross swimming skills. Their exam is at the end of this week, and we wish them good luck! Shout-out to the CSDs for all their hard work this session, I’m sure it will pay off.

So, there is your snapshot of Session B! For all the parents of Session B campers, I’m sure your campers will fill in the blanks with their unique camp experience. For future campers, we look forward to seeing you and have you join the Camp Kawartha adventure!