July 6, 2015

Session A Recap!

Camp Kawartha kicked off summer with an incredible Session A! Campers
participated in all sorts of classes, got to play a variety of amazing camp-wide
programs and celebrated Canada Day by dressing up and playing Canada-themed

The session started with an indoor campfire where our staff and campers
showcased their singing and acting abilities! Huron got creative by making their
own original cabin song, Nuts the Elephant made an appearance, and the whole
camp participated in classic repeat-after-me-songs like “A tree in the hole” and
“Penguin Song”. Despite the rain, the campers shone bright within the four walls of
our extension!

A definite highlight of our programming this week was the appearance of a new
program designed by superstar counsellors Vego and Nettie. It was based off of
Mario Party and utilized our camp radio! The whole camp was set up like a Mario
racetrack, and campers did a series of activities in order to gain coins while the
radio broadcasted the moves each team took. The kids loved it and we hope to see it
played again this summer!

Our Head Counsellors, Stanza and Feye, brought back Kawartha Cup this summer
and it was a hit! After breakfast, the camp was divided into teams and everyone
participated in a variety of stations like bump, backwards spelling bee and freeze
dance –all great ways to start the day. The culminating program of Kawartha Cup
was a giant relay race on Saturday. Congratulations to team Typhoon on your big

Another new program created by our Wilderness Leadership campers (age 16-18)
sprang up this session. Camp Kawartha was transformed for the afternoon into a
giant monopoly board, with different sections of camp separated into properties.
Campers worked together within the rules of monopoly to buy back the camp and
luckily they were successful! A big thanks to the WLIT’s for all their hard work.

In the mornings, every cabin this session got the opportunity to do sailing,
windsurfing, archery, land sports, eco skills, arts and crafts, kayaking, canoeing and
ropes! These classes give campers a chance to sample a wide variety of classic camp
activities as well as bond as a cabin.

All in all, Session A(mazing) was a great start to Camp Kawartha’s summer. Thanks 
to all the crazy-fun campers, we hope to see you next summer!