August 24, 2015

Lost and Found

Hey parents, Toro here. With hundreds of campers coming in through the CK gates over the course of the summer, many a water bottle and rain boot are lost. Lost and Found items that are left behind at the end of a session are cleaned, sorted then stored in boxes, waiting for their rightful owner to reclaim them. In order to speed up this process, we have taken photographs of the lost items in the hopes that we can track down the owner.


"Marco" brand Sleeping Bag

Skull and Crossbones Bag (containing a camouflage sweater)

Accessories - Water Bottles, Sunglasses, Goggles, Hats

"Ella H"

"Jack Sims"

"Jack Williams"

Sweaters & Jackets

Hudson's Bay Sweater

Hamilton City Spitfires

Grey Lululemon Sweater

Mountain Hardware Jacket

Taiga Jacket

IZOD Jacket

Columbia Jacket

Trespass Jacket

Lakefield Chiefs Sweater

I hope that these clothes can find their rightful owners! If you see anything that belongs to you, feel free to give the Camp a call or an email to reclaim your lost items.

Contact us at or at (705) 652-3860

Session D Recap

The last week of July and the first week of August have proven to be nothing short of wonderful. August sessions always have a different vibe to them in comparison to July sessions since they are broken into both one and two week sessions.

Session D arrival day was our biggest arrival day this summer, with around 130 campers showing up. Our leadership campers, the LITs, CSDs and PLCs arrived on this day along with our two week and one week campers. The day kicked off with camp-wide games such as the famed Gaga Ball and concluded with a rowdy campfire down in our campitheatre overlooking the well-photographed Clear Lake sunset.

The weather, despite a few rainy days, pulled through with temperatures in the high twenties for the majority of the week. Solar Dip was a hit this week due to the heat – during rest hour, campers had the opportunity to jump in the lake to cool off.

Memorable evening programs included Wizard of Oz, a new program invented by the CSDs, Newscasters, the Hunger Games and Bamboozled. Lots of theme days were run these two weeks such as Campstock, a music festival day featuring a bouncy castle, a slip-n-slide and nachos cooked by the power of the sun in the solar oven. Medieval Zing Tong this session was particularly majestic. Coach, Peatri, Sanders and a team of costume designers spent weeks slaving away at the various outfits and accessories sported by counselors in this evening program, which concluded with an intense dock skit.

During General Boat and Swim the place to be was the waterfront, with many campers spending their hour cooling off by sailing, playing games on windsurf boards or simply going for a slide down the barge. Court of Dreams proved to be as intense as ever, with campers and counselors proving they can indeed ball very hard. The final game was a tough loss by the Bulls, losing 48-16 against the Raptors.

Introduced this session was another post-dinner tournament game – Desire to Disc. Campers and counselors passionate about ultimate Frisbee banded together to share their love of the disc, participating in after dinner games.

The session concluded with a candle lighting ceremony by the beach with cabins singing low key songs, reflecting upon their time spent here at Camp Kawartha.

August 13, 2015

Interview with a Camper

Media Specialist Toro sat down with 2 week returning camper Anna to chat about Camp & a few of her favourite things!

Toro: How long have you been coming to camp for?

Anna: I have been coming for four years now. I was 7 when I first started. I did the 3 night camp session, Session N. My first counselor was Breezy, but that was back when she was a LIT (Leader-in-Training, a leadership program for 16 & 17 year olds), so she wasn’t named. Session N was a good transition to camp but I wanted to come for a longer time than three nights.

Toro: What is your favorite class at camp?

Anna: My favorite class is Arts and Crafts because we do really cool things that you don’t have the opportunity to do at school, or don’t have the supplies to do at home. Some interesting crafts we have done this session are making paper maché hands and masks along with our own candles. My mom is really into arts so I have always been interested in expressing myself creatively.

Toro: What is your favourite evening program?

Anna: My favorite evening program is CK Harmony, a program where we pair up kooky characters. I also like Zingtong but that is everyone’s favorite evening program. The medieval theme this year kept Zingtong interesting for all of the campers, old and new. I love evening programs because it’s easy for all campers to get involved. [My friend] Molly and I pulled a prank and stole the king’s lunch during the medieval luncheon, we sure caught him off guard!

Toro: If you could run a program what would you do?

Anna: An interest choice that I would run as a counselor would be making pets out of plants and other renewable materials to create new friends.

Toro: How did you first hear about camp?

Anna: I first heard about camp through my neighbours in Lakefield, Pablo and Feye.

Toro: What is your favourite camp meal?

Anna: Chicken burgers are the best, we actually just had them for lunch!

Toro: Do you go to camp alone or do you bring friends?

Anna: My two friends from home also come to camp but I have made great friends here that I see year after year. The majority of my friends I’ve made here have been my cabin mates, such as Molly. We have been in the same cabin for 3 years together! I try to keep in touch as much as possible with my friends from camp but I have a pretty busy schedule throughout the school year.

Toro: Do you ever get homesick?

Anna: No, not really. I try to write letters back to my parents but I always forget!

Toro: What is your dream position on staff?

Anna: I want to be the head of tuck because then you could eat candy while you’re giving it out. I would also want to be the head of land sports. I wish I could just grow overnight and be on staff already.

Thank you Anna! and what a great interview to pair with the new Summer Camp 2015 Video! Enjoy!

Video shot and edited by Justin Hung
Music - Birchview (Anton Markus Edit) - Phlex

August 12, 2015

Medieval Day at Camp Kawartha

Unto all and singular to whom these words shall come.

King Rowan and his court extend warmest greetings; you are cordially invited to the hundredth anniversary of the kingdoms uniting.

On Tuesday Camp Kawartha was transformed into a medieval kingdom! The day began with campers being assigned to one of six houses; Hevoth, Crucio, Dawnshore, Maxima, Shotter and Alderman, each led by a lord or lady of King Rowan`s court. The entire camp ate outside, enjoying a festive atmosphere as jesters and minstrels performed for the court.

It was a busy morning of classes for the Kingdom, whether it was creating house banners in Arts and Crafts, collecting herbs and flowers in Eco, noodle jousting in Windsurfing, setting off to explore in Sailing, or, of course, honing their skills in Archery.

At lunch the King announced he would select an heir from one of the six houses, based on how prosperous their provinces were. In the afternoon the camp divided into their six provinces and tried to build the most successful group by gathering materials, building farms, and establishing businesses. Despite bandits who plagued the kingdom, the houses were successful in creating a thriving land of prosperity and peace.

At dinner that evening, just as the king was about to announce his successor he was assassinated – and Lord Crucio claimed the throne for himself! The Evening Program which followed, Zing Tong, is a Camp Kawartha classic and camper favourite. The campers collected magical rocks while evading the evil bandits in order to save the kingdom, culminating in a dramatic dock battle between the counselors. In the end good triumphed and the evil king was defeated – all in a day's work!

August 5, 2015

Sun and Fun and Wind, Yay Waterfront!

Hi everybody! 

My name is Scheuster and I’m the Waterfront Director at CK this summer!

We’ve been having tonnes of fun on the Waterfront every day during GBS using the inner tubes and the barge. Campers have also become quite the experts at using our giant green ‘lily pad’. Other favourite activities include sand castle building and hunting for crayfish.

Here at Camp Kawartha, campers are reminded daily to practice sun safety, applying sunscreen before and after each activity.  We work hard to keep sunburns at bay!

During classes, we have had some high winds, making for some fun times for our sailors and windsurfers. These first class pirates enjoy taking command of the high seas. Now, our canoeists did not want to be left out of the fun. They paddled around the bay singing the ‘Hard Work’ song, bringing a smile to all of the lifeguard’s faces. Kayakers continue enjoy intense games of paddle soccer and noodle tag.

The waterfront is a happening place this summer. We are keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed for more sun and fun during August.