August 24, 2015

Lost and Found

Hey parents, Toro here. With hundreds of campers coming in through the CK gates over the course of the summer, many a water bottle and rain boot are lost. Lost and Found items that are left behind at the end of a session are cleaned, sorted then stored in boxes, waiting for their rightful owner to reclaim them. In order to speed up this process, we have taken photographs of the lost items in the hopes that we can track down the owner.


"Marco" brand Sleeping Bag

Skull and Crossbones Bag (containing a camouflage sweater)

Accessories - Water Bottles, Sunglasses, Goggles, Hats

"Ella H"

"Jack Sims"

"Jack Williams"

Sweaters & Jackets

Hudson's Bay Sweater

Hamilton City Spitfires

Grey Lululemon Sweater

Mountain Hardware Jacket

Taiga Jacket

IZOD Jacket

Columbia Jacket

Trespass Jacket

Lakefield Chiefs Sweater

I hope that these clothes can find their rightful owners! If you see anything that belongs to you, feel free to give the Camp a call or an email to reclaim your lost items.

Contact us at or at (705) 652-3860