August 12, 2015

Medieval Day at Camp Kawartha

Unto all and singular to whom these words shall come.

King Rowan and his court extend warmest greetings; you are cordially invited to the hundredth anniversary of the kingdoms uniting.

On Tuesday Camp Kawartha was transformed into a medieval kingdom! The day began with campers being assigned to one of six houses; Hevoth, Crucio, Dawnshore, Maxima, Shotter and Alderman, each led by a lord or lady of King Rowan`s court. The entire camp ate outside, enjoying a festive atmosphere as jesters and minstrels performed for the court.

It was a busy morning of classes for the Kingdom, whether it was creating house banners in Arts and Crafts, collecting herbs and flowers in Eco, noodle jousting in Windsurfing, setting off to explore in Sailing, or, of course, honing their skills in Archery.

At lunch the King announced he would select an heir from one of the six houses, based on how prosperous their provinces were. In the afternoon the camp divided into their six provinces and tried to build the most successful group by gathering materials, building farms, and establishing businesses. Despite bandits who plagued the kingdom, the houses were successful in creating a thriving land of prosperity and peace.

At dinner that evening, just as the king was about to announce his successor he was assassinated – and Lord Crucio claimed the throne for himself! The Evening Program which followed, Zing Tong, is a Camp Kawartha classic and camper favourite. The campers collected magical rocks while evading the evil bandits in order to save the kingdom, culminating in a dramatic dock battle between the counselors. In the end good triumphed and the evil king was defeated – all in a day's work!