September 11, 2015

Summers get better and better!

You heard it here first: Camp Kawartha 2015 was the BEST SUMMER YET!!! Whether you were new or old, camper, staff or parent, you played a role in creating a wonderful summer! 
We hope all of our campers had an excellent time at camp and are looking forward to building on their experiences for 2016! 

At Camp Kawartha, we keep striving to improve the experience we offer to our families. This includes new ideas and innovations that come from reflecting on the summer before and planning early for the summer ahead. In late fall, I gather my Senior Staff together for a post-summer meeting and discuss our successes and areas for improvement and innovation. Ideas like the Winter Showcase and Parent Manual became new additions for 2015 and we plan to continue building on them for the year ahead. Here are some ideas that are being developed for the 2016 Registration process for mid-October: 
  1. The Winter Showcase, featuring Maple Jack, became the unofficial launch of Summer 2015 back in February. Staff and leadership campers brought together their creativity for the first time this year to showcase the Camp Kawartha experience of high energy and fun. It gave families a taste of Camp Kawartha programming and the unique spirit that it captures. The official date for the 2nd annual Winter Showcase will be announced when our registration launches next month. 
  2. NEW! 3-week program for 11-12 year olds will run from July 3-22 (dates correspond to our July PLC program).  This program will be a more immersive experience through off-site trips and on-camp skills development.  More details will follow with our registration launch in October.
  3. NEW! Sleep-Over Get-Away for ages 7-10 will run from July 1-2. This is an opportunity for new and younger campers to get a taste of overnight camp. Drop-off is at 9:30am on July 1st and pick-up at 5:30pm on July 2nd. Parents are invited to return to join us for dinner and one of our traditional campfires. With registration, we’ll recommend some great accommodations and activities in the area for parents to enjoy in between drop-off and pick-up!
  4. Early Registration for returning families. We value the commitment and appreciation of our returning families. In recognition of this, we are looking into opening up registration for returning families for a set number of days prior to the official registration launch.

At the end of September, Leadership Applications will be e-mailed out to all families with campers turning 15-17 years old in 2016 . The deadline to submit leadership applications is the end of October. More detailed information on dates and the process will follow within the e-mailed package.

Again, thank you for making 2015 such a wonderful summer. I’m looking forward with great anticipation to summer 2016! Your feedback and contribution is always appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you whether it’s by survey, e-mail or phone call to help make your family’s experience the best it can be for the summer ahead.

On behalf of the Staff of 2015,

Adam Strasberg, Summer Camp Director