July 11, 2016

A short story from our new media class!

Media class has been taking pictures, making videos, writing stories and more. Check out one of our campers short stories!

Tuck Lord Channing:

A short story by Javier Bedford

Midge was guarding the tuck shop one night. Suddenly, he heard a lot of knocking on the door, “bang”. He heard it again- “bang”. The door started opening slowly and it finally opened. It was just Barnacle trying to spook him.  Barnacle told Midge to come with him to the staff meeting. 

The two went off to the staff meeting. But then out of the bushes came Channing. He saw that the key to the tuck shop was on the ground near the door and grabbed it. He grabbed the key and inserted it into the door. He heard a pretty loud creeping noise as he turned the key to open the door.

He heard someone coming down the hill. He heard “Forgot my key somewhere” he knew it must of been Midge. He grabbed everything as fast as he could, from dried mangos to banana chips. Then he jumped through the opening and ran and hid in the bushes.  He heard Midge shout “Oh My” and then saw him running up the hill towards the classroom where the staff meeting was being held. 

Channing quickly escaped with the all the candies. He knew what he had to do. The other staff had been getting extra tuck for too long. He put all of the tuck in separate bags and rushed to put them outside every single camper cabin.  Finally he was done and went back to his cabin.

The End