July 13, 2016

More from media class!

This week in media class, PLC campers and Intermediates were given the opportunity to write posts for the camp blog! This is a fictional post by Sam, about the legend of the Zingettes.

By Sam

October 3rd, 1921

What I saw wasn’t human. I saw a creature running around camp and nobody believes me! It’s a huge lizard. Its spine is lined with spikes, it runs on four legs and glides as gracefully as a black ribbon, fluttering through the woods.
I know for a fact that it is real. It has to be.

October 4th, 1921

I need to give it a name, something graceful, chilling and powerful.
They are dangerous.
If you ever happen to come across a zingette… Run!
Run until you can’t breathe.
Don’t under any circumstances let them catch you, especially if they are showing aggressive behaviour.
They WILL catch you.

October 5th, 1921

I keep seeing zingettes running around.
I have recently been able to get close to one that was sleeping.
I ran my hand down its cold, slick back and I froze. My chest tightened with every breath I took.
I thought this was the end of me.
But it wasn’t.
I wouldn’t be writing this entry if I wasn’t for a person who was strong and important. His voice was powerful as he said “My name is Jeiegelovyew.” He saved me and I hope to see him again.

October 16th, 1921

Today was a day to celebrate! I am finally free from the nightmarish creatures known as zingettes. They have been chased into the lake by Jeiegelovyew and his accomplices! I AM FREE!

July 7th, 2016

Today, I woke up.