About Us

For almost a century, Camp Kawartha has been providing outstanding outdoor recreation and education experiences to children, families and the wider community.

In 1921, the Rotary Club of Peterborough purchased 186 acres of land on Clear Lake in the Kawartha’s region of eastern Ontario for $250 from a local farmer, Mr. Samuel Bryson. The Club intended to develop a boy's camp "free from the artificial life of cities" ... "where boys learn to rely on their own resources and experience the joys of achievement in their work and play” (from a brochure published in 1922).
By July 1922, the "Kawartha Boy's Camp" was in operation, serving its first forty boys. The Camp operated under the direction of the Rotary Club until 1954, when it was purchased by the Peterborough and District YMCA. 

In the early 1950’s, the Camp had developed into both a boy's and girl's facility and was renamed “Camp Kawartha.” After many successful years of operation, the YMCA encountered financial challenges and closed the camp in 1982.

In 1985, a group of Rotarians and concerned citizens formed Camp Kawartha Incorporated.  They purchased the property to promote camping and an awareness of the natural environment to youth “for all seasons”. Camp Kawartha has functioned as a year round, not-for-profit organization ever since.
Today, Camp Kawartha is an award-winning and highly acclaimed facility that is dedicated to the promotion of the highest standard of programming, with a particular focus on outdoor environmental awareness, education and stewardship.

Its operations include the Summer Camp, the Outdoor Education Centre and the Environment Centre at Trent University. It also provides Facility Rentals to a wide variety of community groups.